Today the governor of Ibaraki Kazuhiko Ōigawa has awarded the first visa issued by the prefecture of Ibaraki to support the startup of business activities in Japan to Aron Lentsch.

This new visa system has been established by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) in December 2018 to encourage foreign entrepreneurs to start business in Japan. Under this plan foreign entrepreneurs are eligible to enter and stay in Japan for the purpose of starting business for up to one year. The prefecture of Ibaraki has been implementing the system and Aron Lentsch is the first successful applicant.

Because of the current COVID-19 situation Aron Lentsch attended the ceremony virtually from Tokyo with the help of a robot avatar Temi provided by the startup Unicast. Without the great help of Unicast the ceremony would not have been possible.

The dedicated support for New Space, which Japan is showing on national, regional and city level such as through METI and JAXA, through the governor of Ibaraki Mr. Ōigawa as well as the city of Tsukuba, generates a very attractive and prosperous environment and are a strong motivation for companies like Orbspace to move to Japan.

Orbspace will be incorporated at the Tsukuba Startup Park this October.

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