Orbspace is an aerospace startup company with its roots in the traditional launch vehicle industry. We develop Infinity, a small, highly reusable rocket to carry 3 passengers to a 200 km suborbital space flight based on the principal design goals of simplicity and uncompromised passenger safety. We do so with professional expertise, using existing technologies, vertically integrated with a small hands-on team and with a passion for manufacturing called “Monotsukuri” in Japanese. This frugal innovation approach compounded with economies of scale by producing Infinity and especially its clustered rocket engines in large numbers will enable a break-though in cost and make spaceflight available to everyone.


Main office:

Startup Park Tsukuba
2-5-1 Azuma, Tsukuba, Ibaraki

European office:

Frauenkirchnerstrasse 1
7141 Podersdorf

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