Q: When will Infinity be ready?

A: It will take 6 years until the beginning of flight testing + 2 years for flight testing

Q: How much will be the development cost?

A: We currently estimate the development cost with $ 40 million

Q: How long will be a spaceflight with Infinity?

A: From all suborbital companies, we will offer the longest micro-gravity duration of almost 6 minutes. This is because we will reach the highest altitude of 200 km.

Q: What means suborbital?

A: Suborbital spaceflight is when speed and altitude are not enough to reach a permanent orbit around the Earth. The rocket flies on a parabolic trajectory and returns to the Earth within a few minutes.

Q: How much will a ticket cost?

A: In the beginning we will offer tickets for $ 120,000 that is at half of the price of our competitors. We expect that within about 20 years the price will drop to $ 10,000.

Q: What does Infinity mean?

A: Infinity means without limits or endless, because outer space is practically without limits. We chose this name because after developing the first version of Infinity we already plan to upgrade to an orbital version of Infinity in the second vehicle generation.

Q: Where will be the launch site?

A: We have not selected a launch site yet. But with Infinity, which takes-off and lands vertically we do not need a runway. We can take-off and land anywhere, such as an uninhabited island, a floating platform or simply where no people live within a 15 km radius. Infinity works a bit like an elevator and we can make sure that it will never get out of the 15 km radius safety zone.