Infinity — making suborbital space flights safer and cheaper

We are developing Infinity, a small reusable rocket vehicle which will fly higher, longer, safer and most importantly for only half the ticket price than our competitors.

We are going to build 100’s and 1000’s of Infinity rockets and the more we build, the cheaper it will get. Our goal is to make spaceflight available for everyone!

Simplicity and daily aircraft-like operations

Vertical take-off to a maximum altitude of 200 km and rocket powered vertical landing, refuelling, checkout and ready for the next flight – all within 24 hours. To achieve highest reliability, safety and low operational cost our principal design philosophy is simplicity.

Frugal innovation — A small hands-on team of experts

75 years of rocket development has generated a wealth of technologies. Our objective is to use these existing technologies and make them available at low cost. We do this with a small team and an “all-in-house” vertically integrated approach as well as a passion for machining and manufacturing called “Monotsukuri” in Japanese. Our approach is called Frugal innovation.

Would you create a world-class orchestra with amateur musicians? It’s the same for building rockets! We think our professional experience and network in launch vehicle development is an important ingredient for our project and one of our key assets.