The time is now

100 years after aircraft and cars, 50 years after computers, 25 years after mobile phones and the internet, now is the time of private space flight!

Making space flight safer and cheaper

We are developing reusable rocket systems and technologies for private space flight. Highest safety and low cost are the key! To achieve low cost our rocket Infinity will not only be reused 100’s and 1000’s of times but it will also be built 100’s and 1000’s of times. The resulting economies of scale will make space travel available to everyone, just like most other high-tech development such as cars, smartphones or aviation in the past.

Private rocket development has made great achievements in recent years, however the most important issue has not much improved, that is reliability and especially safety. By making rockets safe we will make private human space flight a reality for everyone – Read HERE how!

Simplicity and daily aircraft-like operations

Vertical take-off to a maximum altitude of 200 km and rocket powered vertical landing, refueling, checkout and ready for the next flight – all within 24 hours. To achieve highest reliability, safety and low operational cost our principal design philosophy is simplicity.

Frugal innovation — A small hands-on team of experts

It’s not rocket science” anymore! Today it is all about cost and safety!
75 years of rocket development has generated a wealth of technologies. Our objective is to use these existing technologies and make them available at low cost.

We do this with a small team, professional launch vehicle experience, supported by a team of consulting experts and industrial partners, an “all-in-house” vertically integrated approach as well as a passion for manufacturing craftsmanship called “Monotsukuri” in Japanese. Our approach is called Frugal innovation.

Our technologies

Our technology developments are strictly targeted to reduce cost and increase safety. They are also applicable to other sectors such as drones, autonomous driving or safety-critical applications!

Infinity transparent

Infinity system

Rocket systems engineering – with our AI-enhanced system optimization technology

orbspace onboard computer

Safety-critical onboard computer

A triple-redundant computer system to assure human safety



The rocket propellant that grows in nature – 100% sustainable and low cost

rocket cluster

Rocket engine cluster

Assuring safe ascent and especially landing even with multiple engines out

ceramic rocket engine

Ceramic rocket engine

True reusability and safety through ceramic materials, because it never melts

dw wave torch

Detonation wave ignition systems

Simple and ultra-precise ignition systems for safe synchronous rocket engine start-up

tank technology

HyperMECH tank-vehicle structural design​

Resisting hypersonic re‑entry heat loads and cryogenic propellants for thousands of space flights

space material qualification

Advanced steels

Qualification of novel steel alloys for high as well as low temperature rocket applications​

Offering engineering services, consulting and prototyping

We offer our rocket engineering tools, skills and expertise to enhance innovation not only in space but also other sectors. We call that technological cross-fertilization. From open-source simulation tools to our own machining lab, we can assist you with cost efficient solutions from engineering design, simulations to prototyping. We cover four languages and are ready to support you in international projects. Give us a try!


Rocket expertise

Making rockets is one thing. Making reliable and safe rockets is another thing and requires experience and expertise.


A small hands-on team

To achieve low cost we don’t ask others, we design and build ourselves with a small agile “squad” team of engineers.


Craftsmanship culture

Our passion for craftsmanship is what enables unrivaled manufacturing quality. Because for rockets, quality makes the difference between success and failure.