Team and Competences

Aron Lentsch

Founder and general manager

Aron worked on several launch vehicle systems, propulsion and structural design aspects and projects such as the Future European Space Transportation Investigation Programme FESTIP at ESA, air-breathing (rocket based combined cycle) propulsion research at the Japanese Aerospace Research Center NAL (now JAXA), has been technical responsible for reusable and advanced propulsion activities at the Ariane directorate of the French Space Agency CNES, working on the reusable launcher project EVEREST, pulse detonation research, the future Ariane upper stage ESC-B, the Russian/French propulsion collaboration projects VOLGA and KVD1 and participated in the concept review of the Liquid Flyback Booster (LFBB).

Convinced that private, commercial space flight holds the most promising potential for the future, Aron decided to found Orbspace in mid 2006. 


Dr. Klaus Legner

Aerospace Medicine

Klaus started his career as flight surgeon at the Austrian Air Force medical care center. He worked as a flight surgeon at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, ESA's European Astronaut Center in Cologne, and he is currently responsible for flight safety and security training in Austrian Airlines.

His professional activities and expertise cover the medical evaluation, assistance and crew support of astronauts for launch & landing operations and post-landing crew support. Klaus lectures on space medicine and provides scientific consulting for medical aspects such as for ESA's Aurora program on interplanetary long-duration missions. He has also performed a range of scientific activities on space medicine.

Klaus is a passionate private pilot and diver as well as mountaineer, and he has received special medical training for diving and hyperbaric medicine as well as mountain and expedition medicine.


Rafael Moro-Aguilar

Space Law and Commercialization

Rafael received his J.D. from the Autonoma University of Madrid (Spain) and his LL.M. from the University of Michigan (USA). 

The United Nations (UN) Office for Outer Space Affairs (OOSA) was one of the first steps in Rafael's professional career. He regularly attends UN meetings such as the Unispace-3 Conference (1999), where he participated in the Space Generation Forum, and the UNCOPUOS Legal Subcommittee annual sessions (2002 to present), as an advisor to the Spanish government. For a number of years, he has been a legal consultant (sole practitioner), collaborating with a number of law firms and companies in Spain and elsewhere, drafting and translating contracts and legal documents, and researching and preparing reports on space technology issues. He joined Orbspace in 2006.

Rafael lectures regularly on international space law and satellite telecommunications law, and he is author of a range of articles and a book (in progress) on international space law. He is a member of the International Institute of Space Law (IISL) and the Space law Committee of the International Law Association (ILA). He is also a graduate of the International Space University (ISU - SSP 1996).

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