Project Aldebaran

Aldebaran is a European study project which adresses the need for a micro launch vehicle.

The project has been initiated by CNES, DLR and GTD/CDTI, the French, German and Spanish space agencies. Some of the major participating companies are EADS Astrium ST, EADS CASA, Dassault, Snecma, SPS, SME and Bertin.

Aldebaran is currently being enlarged to more European countries. In this context Orbspace has been invited to join the project.


Infinity nanoInfinity nano

Orbspace proposes a three stage launch vehicle based on Infinityand named Infinity nano. The capsule of Infinity is replaced by two expendable upper stages.

A payload capacity of 30 kg to a 800 km polar orbit is obtained.

The booster stage of Infinity remains entirely reusable and is completely identical with the suborbital manned vehicle - a key factor to obtain low cost.


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