FAST20xx Progress Meeting 1 - Vienna

Logistic information

2010-06-02 - 2010-06-04


This page provides logistic information for the FAST20xx progress meeting no.1 in Vienna concerning:

Meeting location

The progress meeting will be held in the premises of the ESPI:

European Space Policy Institute (ESPI)
Schwarzenbergplatz 6
Entrance: Zaunergasse 1-3
A-1030 Vienna
Location | How to get to ESPI (PDF)

Transportation from the Vienna Airport (Schwechat)

Limousine bus (Vienna Airport Lines):

There is a convenient bus service between the airport and several stations in the city.
  • Buses leave the airport every 30 minutes (always at :20 and :50)
  • The bus stop is just outside the arrival hall (front exit)
  • Price: 6,- €
For details see the following links:
Note: From the city bus station "Morzinplatz" you have to walk 300 m to the subway station Schwedenplatz (U4). Check out the following Google maps directions.

City Airport Train - CAT

There is a new non-stop train connection between the airport and the City Air Terminal, which is very close to the subway station Landstraße (U4 and U3).
  • Trains leave the airport every 30 minutes (always at :05 and :35)
  • To find the station follow the green signs "CAT"
  • Price: 9,- €
For details see the following link:


The taxi fare to and from the airport is standardized:
  • Price: 33,- €
  • If you order a taxi to go to the airport specifically request an "airport taxi" to assure this special fare.
Some of the common taxi companies:

Taxi 31300 31300
Taxi 40100 40100
  • Only German website
Taxi 60160 60160
  • Only German website
Taxi Wien
460 43 89

Transportation to the ESPI

The ESPI is close to the city center of Vienna.

The closes subway (U-Bahn) stations are:
The map below indicates the way from the station Stadtpark to the EPSI.

Click the map to enlarge:

For more information to find your way to and from the ESPI check out the following links:

Car parking near ESPI

In case you come by car, please be aware that there is no free parking in the inner districts of Vienna. All parking inside the Parking ZONE, which is only marked by blue lines across the street when you enter the zone, is short term paid parking (max. 2 hours, 0.50 €/hour). The parking zone is strictly re-inforced - you will very likely get a parking ticket.

There are two practical solutions:

More information:


The following table indicates some hotels in locations which are convenient for the meeting.
  • Click the name to get to the hotel homepage
  • Distance: The distance between the hotel and ESPI
  • Price: The lowest rate shown online on the hotel website

Sofitel/Accor Hotel Am Konzerthaus   

200 m
  € 109,-  
See directions
Lindner Hotel am Belvedere

600 m
€ 124,-
See directions
Austria Trend Hotel Savoyen

700 m
€ 158,-
See directions
Pakat Suites Hotel

 1300 m
 € 99,-
See directions
Courtyard Vienna Schoenbrunn

 10 min by U4
 € 75,-
See directions
Art Hotel Vienna

 10 min by U4
 € 68,-
See directions
Pension Dr. Geissler

 5 min by U4
 € 58,-
See directions

Booking through online travel agencies like Expedia might give lower room rates.

If you find other hotels with good rates and in convenient location, you can provide us with the details and we will update the list.

Dinner locations

Getting there

Tuesday, 2010-06-01

(After the project board meeting)

Zwölf Apostelkeller

Sonnenfelsgasse 3
1010 Wien

Option 1: We go there together right after the board meeting

Option 2:

  • The restaurant is between the underground stations Stephansplatz and Schwedenplatz
  • Walk from these stations on foot (see link to map below)
See directions/map

Wednesday, 2010-06-02

(Day 1 of progress meeting)

Heuriger Steinschaden

Wien - Nussdorf
Kahlenberger Straße 18
1190 Wien

Option 1: Meeting point in front of the Opera (Staatsoper) at 18:45 (we go there together)

Option 2:

  • Take tram line "D" (on the Ring steet) until the final destination "Beethovengang" (31 minutes)
  • Walk about 100m to the back entrance of the Heurigen
See directions/map

Mobile internet

Several companies in Austria offer prepaid cards for broadband internet access. The cards contain a SIM which you can put into your computer or broadband internet modem.

You can find details here:
A1 is cheaper, has the better network (Vodafone) and you can get the starter-kit called "B.Free Breitband Welcome Package" at every post office (same price as above).

Yesss is sold in many supermarket chains such as Hofer (=ALDI).

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