Infinity project


Infinity is an Orbspace project to develop a sub-orbital reusable rocket vehicle designed to carry either human passengers, payloads or upper stages to an altitude of 200 km and return safely to Earth for a soft landing.

 Infinity Side ViewVehicle technical outline

Infinity will take-off and land vertically under rocket power. It shall be highly reusable and gradually reach a flight frequency of one flight per day. With a total length of 9 m, a maximum diameter of 2.5 m and a gross take-off mass of 13 tons, Infinity has about the size of a road tanker. 

The propulsion system of Infinity is a cluster of liquid rocket engines which use liquid methane and liquid oxygen as propellants.

Market - Manned and Unmanned

Vehicle can carry either an unmanned payload module or a manned capsule with three passengers to an altitude of 200 km. That results in a duration of micro-gravity of more than 5 minutes.

The unmanned vehicle aims primarily for the institutional market of sounding rocket flights.

Only after the reliability and safety have been demonstrated in several operational flights, manned flights will resume. These flights aim for the market of private commercial human space flight and will provide an experience to the passengers, which they will never forget in their lifetime.


The innovation of Infinity is first of all to perform a complex system development within a small company. Secondly we make extensive use of aeronautical off-the-shelf components. Thirdly we will follow innovative development procedures which will allow to go faster and reduce cost. All these aspects are new in particular for launch vehicle development.

Our Pursuit : Cost Effectiveness

We believe that cost effectiveness in development but especially operation is the key to long-term business success.

With our vehicle system and development approach we want to achieve a significant reduction of development and production cost. Low cost will open the possibility for new markets and applications in particular the market of private commercial manned suborbital space flight.

Cost will also be saved simply due to the size of Infnity compared to orbital rockets. Ariane 5 has a take-off mass of about 800 tons, Infinity only 13 tons. See the image on the right showing Ariane and Infinity in proper scale. 

Our Obsession: Safety

Safety is on our minds at any single screw we design and dimension. Safety is not only of literally vital importance for our potential passengers but it is similarly important for our own future and business success. Safety is our single primary objective - everything else comes second.

Current Project Status

The Infinity project is currently in preliminary development (pre-phase A). We currently invest from our own resources and are looking for funding and partners.



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