Multidisciplinary Optimization

What is Multidisciplinary Optimization?

In the design of complex systems such as rocket vehicles various vehicle parameters interact with each other. The vehicle diameter is connected to the vehicle drag but also to the tank volume, tank design and therefore mass, and so forth. The take-off thrust-to-weight ratio has an impact on the propulsion system mass but also the trajectory performance which is also connected to the shape of the trajectory. This means most of the vehicle parameters are connected and effect each other. Yet the entire vehicle needs to be optimized.

Our Approach 

The optimization tool which we have developped uses a a combined optimization approach, of a

  • Genetic algorithm global optimizer, combined with a
  • Downhill Simplex local optimizer

This optimizer is highly robust.

Definition of Relations

The definition of the relations and interconnection between the various parameters is a very delicate undertaking, because it is not always possible to establish simple mechanical laws. Empirical penalty functions can short-cut such relations.

A well founded expert knowledge for each major subsystem as well as a good system knowledge are required to properly define these relations in order to obtain meaningfull results.

We can work with you and your experts to achieve such results and help your project to success.  

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