Computational Fluid Dynamics

Experience and a in Depth Understanding

We combine state of the art CFD software with experience and an in depth understanding of the in the field of aerospace, in particular: 
  • Aerospace vehicle external flow aerodynamics and modelling
  • Internal flow aerodynamics and combustion such as encountered in
    • Rocket engines
    • Airbreathing engines
    • Propellant tanks (sloshing) or
    • Feed-lines (dynamics)

We Offer

  • Geometry generation
  • Computational mesh generation
  • Numerical flow simulations
    • Reynolds Averaged Navier Stokes (RANS) analysis
    • Steady and unsteady
    • Chemical reactions
  • Computer cluster - Looking for cost effective computing ressources?

Contact us if you need responsive answers to solve your flow problems, if you need additional ressources for your system or component developement or if you need an independent view (cross-checking).

We will apply our knowledge and knowhow in any engineering domain and application. Discuss your case with us. 

Our Strength

  • High rapidity and responsiveness
  • Competitive price
  • An independent view based on an independent generation of data/results (design cross-checking)

Combined Analysis - Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Your problem requries a combined analysis, for instance a finite element analysis or thermal analysis?

A combined analysis can save money if performced in one hand rather than independelty because the overall effort is reduced (reduced effort for problem understanding and prepraration, geometry and mesh generation, etc.).

Aerospace Vehicle Aerodynamics

We provide CFD calculations with a strong aerospace vehicle background. We offer solutions ranging from specific flow cases up to the generation of for instance the entire vehicle aerodynamic database. 

  • Genertion of a vehicle aerodynamic coefficients (cL, cD, cM )
  • Over the entire flight envelop/trajectory
  • For standard atmospheric model
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